The new way of buying luxury shoes is tailor-made and made-to-order, a way in which fashion adapts to the needs of the occasion and customer tastes.


_ T H E   B R A N D _

"Tailor-made artisanal confection with personalized attention and superior quality product"




Ada de Angela was created with the aim of being able to offer all shoe lovers a unique creation that adapts to their imagination.

All our models are designed as a canvas that serves as a base and allows customization with the desired colors and materials.

Each shoe is a unique piece manufactured exclusively for each client. All our shoes are made in Spain, with a quality seal and guarantee. The materials are of the highest quality to obtain an exceptional result.



 _ M A N U F A C T U R E _




Footwear is one of the most complex elements in the world of fashion, when it comes to manufacturing, due to the large number of different components and elements from which it is composed.

At Ada de Angela all models are made to order. This means that each model is created exclusively for each client. This allows us to offer the customer the opportunity to customize the main features of the model.

All manufacturing is carried out in Spain by professionals with several generations and years of experience in the sector. We look for quality in the materials and in all the elements that make up our shoes, taking care of every detail of each of the manufacturing processes.

The estimated completion time for each model can vary from 4 to 8 weeks.




Fusion, the best of each world

When we decided to design our brand, we wanted it to be able to convey the essence of yesteryear, of an artisanal and quality product, but at the same time provide it with avant-garde elements using current methods. So we decided to merge the best of both worlds to create a product with character, unique and current.


We are designers, creators, entrepreneurs and passionate about fashion and shoes.

We started our adventure 6 years ago with our company Charlotte Luxury where we sell, advise and manufacture luxury footwear to clients around the world under the brands of our suppliers. A year ago we decided to create a 100% own brand in the cradle of footwear, Spain. Where we can have total control of production and designs. At that time the Ada de Angela brand was born

Do you have a shoe design in mind that you want to create? We love challenges! Tell us more about that dream model ... we will be happy to make it come true.






Ada de Angela is a Slow Fashion brand. We believe in sustainable fashion, with principles and adapted to the times required to create a luxury product.


"Every work of art needs time to be created."

Our manufacture is 100% made in Spain. From the hands of professionals and quality materials with adequate manufacturing processes and optimal working conditions.

Our way of working is on demand, so no surpluses are created or unnecessary resources are used. The client chooses and then the materials and their subsequent manufacture are chosen.

Our main objective is to offer a quality product, that is why our products are made with materials that can guarantee the best result. Under our Eco philosophy we only work with used leather so we do not work with animal skins that do not belong to the food industry.

However, we adapt to each person so if necessary we could create 100% Animal Free shoes. In this case we would recommend textile materials.


"We believe in sustainable fashion based on responsible production and making use of quality materials"