High heel Boots


Ada de Angela is a Slow Fashion brand. We believe in sustainable fashion, with principles and adapted to the times required to create a luxury product.

"Every work of art needs time to be created."

Our manufacture is 100% made in Spain. From the hands of professionals and quality materials with adequate manufacturing processes and optimal working conditions.

Our way of working is on demand, so no surpluses are created or unnecessary resources are used. The client chooses and then the materials and their subsequent manufacture are chosen.

Our main objective is to offer a quality product, that is why our products are made with materials that can guarantee the best result. Under our Eco philosophy we only work with used leather so we do not work with animal skins that do not belong to the food industry.

However, we adapt to each person so if necessary we could create 100% Animal Free shoes. In this case we would recommend textile materials.


"We believe in sustainable fashion based on responsible production and making use of quality materials"